Concept: the FireWatch

Concept, Group 08, WS1415

The next step after the user research was to develop concepts based on the gathered data utilizing the tools presented to us by our guest Mr. Kormann-Philipson. With these tools we were able to come up with our final concept: The FireWatch – the exclusive, highly fashionable gadget for firefighters.


The one thing our user group was missing was to know whether or not the alarmed firefighters were going to come to the fire station and participate in the operation. Not knowing meant the commander was unable to plan the operation ahead, therefore crucial time was wasted waiting for everyone to arrive. The FireWatch provides the feature to accept or reject an alarm call with a simple push of a button.

Furthermore some of the firefighters didn’t get to participate in the operation several times although they were present. Our system includes an automatic squad building mechanism. This way the operating firefighters are chosen based on their operation participation frequency and estimated time of arrival. This way the overall working moral could be increased.

Now we are looking forward to develop some prototypes of our concept.


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