First week in Concept Development – Group 7 – Design Process

Group 07, Uncategorized

designProcess1The next step of the process was the analysis of the data we collected in our user research at the helpdesk. We considered the different aspects and collected them in an affinity diagram. Afterwards we tried to find the „How might we…?“ questions and came to the conclusion that especially the communication and the working atmosphere is improvable.

Later than we brainstormed the opportunity of one of our HMWs. In the presentations in front of the other groups we got some great feedback for the most useful draft in order to develop the communication lacks for our target group.

All the collected information leads us to the conclusion that one possibility to eliminate the grievances of the helpdesk would be the innovative “Happy Glasses”. Some of its features are meetings with face-to-face communication, popup reminders on the glasses, wall presentations and many more.

Now we are improving our storyboard in purpose to create a video prototype.


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