Concept, Group 04, WS1415

MySchoolbox is an online collaborative application for primary school teachers providing digital organization of teaching materials, automated planning, lessons preparation and automated printing into the classroom.

The teachers upload their material to My Schoolbox where it is available for all colleagues. When someone wants to create their schedule for the coming week he gets worksheet suggestions based on the general lesson plan for each subject. When completed they can immediately print their records to their respective classrooms instead of the common teachers’ room. After class the sheets can also be rated, so the quality of the used material is steadily improved. All this can be done at home, at work or on the go.

The benefits are closely linked to digitalization which saves space and time and enables mobility. The search for material is simplified and the teamwork is strenghened. Since all the steps of lesson peparation are combined in one tool certain tasks can be automated. My Schoolbox undertakes the creation of the weeks documentation, the sorting by corriculum and sending the material to the printer.

For the next steps we have a broad variety of challenges we can tackle. The most interesting next feature is the integration of internal communication between the teachers and external communication from the teacher to the parents in our app. This would replace the huge pile of paper that gets wasted every day by printing everything that needs to be officially communicated. Another interesting topic is the digitalization of the whole evaluation process. Starting from the automated blue-penciling of exams to translating school certificates for parents with migrant background.

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