FireStrap Pro® – Videoprototype

Group 10, Videoprototype, WS1415

As a lot of fire brigades in Germany operate on a voluntary basis a common problem is, that in case of an emergency the members have to get from their current location to the fire brigade station as fast as possible. As private persons are not allowed to use any devices such as a blue flashing light, obstacles like traffic jams and other restrictions of the public traffic cause massive delays.

We developed a concept in cooperation with the “Freiwillige Feuerwehr” that enables the firefighter to get faster to the mission and at the time it prevents the misuse of our system. And that’s how it works:

Every firefighter is equipped with a wristband – FireStrap Pro. This bracelet includes the following functions: if the centre of operations receives an emergency call, every firefighter is notified via the bracelet. It vibrates and the firefighter has the choice to accept or decline to participate in the operation. When he chooses to participate he presses the green button (otherwise the red one). This action unlocks the flashing blue light which is inside his or her car. If the firefighter gets inside the bluetooth range the flashing blue light and the FireStrap Pro connect automatically. The firefighter now is able to rush through the traffic as other participants let him pass. The benefits of this concept are obvious: reduction of time needed to get to the fire brigade station and the prevention of misuse as it is not possible to use the flashing blue light without the unlocking message of the centre of operations.

In the future further extensions or features are possible. Functions which are included in the jawbone for example measuring vital signs or other measures could be incorporated in the device. Furthermore it could be connected to the CO2-Warner and vibrate if critical measured values are exceeded.

 Fast and without unnecessary risks to the operation despite of traffic jams and other restraints using a flashing blue light that can be unlocked individually. No opportunity for misuse and more time to save lives. – The new FireStrap Pro.


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