Group 5 – Octoboard

Group 05, Videoprototype

What is it

The Octoboard is an enhanced keyboard designed to optimize the workflow of an operator in a security guidance system. With the Octoboard you save time and stress through keystrokes reduction. Furthermore the Octoboard contains a videosystem control unit, so you don’t have to control two separated systems with one keyboard.

How does it work

The Octoboard gives you optical guidance by flashing the currently enabled keys (green light), and reduces your error rate by disabling incorrect keys (wring keypresses generates a optical feedback by flashing red lights).  We replace the multilayered keyboard-layout (currently over 100 shortcuts) with mode-dependent layout. The Octoboard is based on a basic keyboard, but with a lot of helpful features, like police-call buttons. The videosystem control unit is a touchscreen, adjustable to the current situation. So we (or you) can customize the keyboard to fit your personal needs.


The Octoboard does not only save the time you need to process an incoming alarm and significantly reduces your error rate (especially in an security guidance center it should be null), it also reduces the time you need to get used to the system, currently about two and a half years.


The Octoboard could be used in any situation. It is highly flexible and could be a great helper for many users of other systems, basically every system that is controlled by keyboard. For example we could collaborate with numerous keyboard production companies and benefit from their knowhow and experience.

Less stress – more comfort – Octoboard

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