MaxiTaxi – the app for taxi drivers and employers


In our group we have looked into the needs and problems of the modern taxi driver and have addressed these in our cleverly engineered smartphone app. We have discovered a lack of proper organization and information, which both are fundamentally important to a pleasant working environment.

Our problem-solving approach to this situation is an easy to use app that covers two different aspects. Not only do we integrate different organization tools like a smart shift schedule tool that supports the employer and the driver likewise by giving them access to a digital planning platform. This gives the user the advantage of being able to plan without the necessity of having a time consuming phone call or annoying, old fashioned paperwork.

Furthermore we offer the taxi drivers an interactive function to guide the user through the process of writing an accident report or signing up for specific taxis. The benefit of our solution is that everything is saved into a database so all of the information can later be reviewed by the drivers and the employers so no information is lost like in the old days before our app.

A more fun side of our app is that we offer the drivers not only a challenging but also an informing quiz section. Our previous research has shown that long waiting times of up to two hours are a huge part of the everyday work. With our quiz we provide them a useful activity during their waiting times.

Our future aim is to appeal not only to the drivers and the employers, but also to the passengers by giving them a way of effortlessly paying for their drive without the need of cash or credit card.

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