Group 03, Videoprototype, WS1415

Our User Group was the “Bayerische Forstverwaltung” at the Odeonsplatz in Munich. In our research we found the employees to have major issues with the time tracking system currently in place.

Especially when working in the field, employees are required to track their work times both manually on paper and later on digitally as well.

Even at the office the system is prone to human and machine errors.

As a solution for this problem we developed Take Your Time – a fully automatic, easy-to-use time tracking system.

Here’s our video prototype:

Our approach includes features like a multifunctional keychain, which tracks the employees working time in the field and delivers this data to the time management system automatically.

A sensor at the doors detects the keychain of employees and recognizes them entering and leaving. This way the system tracks their attendance.

It may also be used as an access control system.

Take Your Time includes a time management software, where employees are able to control their clocking times. In addition supervisors can approve requests for holidays, field service and other external duties.

The service is less time consuming, totally paperless and reduces the complexity for both employees and companies to a minimum.

By taking out most active interaction we also reduce the potential for errors.

As possible future extensions we considered integrating payment systems, e.g. for canteens and similar chip-based systems. Given its universal and scalable nature, our system could also be applied to other and larger institutions.

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