Happy Glasses

Group 07

The Problem

During the research and evaluation process it became very clear that the communication did not work as intended, resulting in missunderstandings and making teamwork harder than necessary. Improving collaboration and communication for our user group is very critical. These two aspects are able to directly enhance or handicap the outcome of any given project in any given company.

The Approach

Therefore, our solution is, what we call Happy Glasses. They look like normal glasses, but are a innovative, unique and futuristic type of communication option, which are able to improve the circumstances of bad communication and working atmosphere at any target group. Just by handing the devices to each employee, better communication and improved work ethic are assured. Happy Glasses are most helpful when it comes to presenting and discussing new products or ideas. Via the integrated camera and projector, employees can easily follow a presentation. They can either watch the material directly on their glasses or they can project it to a nearby wall to increase size and allow others to watch with them. Its additional features are getting incoming calls via vibration and visual pop ups on the glasses themselves, face to face communication with coworkers and many more.

The Benefit of Happy Glasses

Using the Happy Glasses is a piece of cake and everyone can immediately work with them. A special training or education is obsolete. As a result every company can forge ahead with new strength and benefit from the many advantages of our product.

The Future

Our challenge for the future is keeping up with upcoming trends, such as the possibility of combining our sensational features with the technology provided by Google Glass.

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