Group 09, Videoprototype, WS1415

After the analysis of our collected data some interesting problems concerning the usage of medical equipment during an operation arose.

Due to the fact that the surgeon has to remain sterile during the entire operation, he has to communicate his instructions to a nurse.

And because it cannot be granted that a nurse will always be available we came op with a better solution.


We developed a concept of a touchpad that is controlled by foot.

The pad accepts simple swipes and taps and therefore the learning curve can be kept shallow.

Our product, called MediOPad, allows us to control the main functionality of medical equipment/machines like regulating the light, managing the amperage, moving a cursor over the screen to teach assistant doctors or even to accept/decline a phone call.

Moreover, the MediOPad has several important advantages.

Nowadays, many procedures rely on direct communication between the nurse and the surgeon. This involves sources of error that could be avoided.

Furthermore, complex procedures are simplified.


In the future one could extend the concept with various ideas.

For this purpose we identified a couple of promising extension-points.

One could add a tracking-ball to make moving the cursor even easier.

Another idead was to intoduce modern visualization methods like portable displays or a smart-glass.


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