User Research

Group 01, User Research, WS1516
In metropoles like Munich, there are more transportation providers that one can count. Most people however will associate the term “transportation provider” with the public transit authority, the MVV in Munich, and their partners like Taxis and new emerging services like Uber.
However one of the most important transportation providers is targeting a different audience. In the social context, transportation providers provide mobility services for disabled people as well as commodity services like meals on wheels.
We interviewed a number of different companies providing “social” transport like the Malteser Hilfsdienste, Jonas Better Place, GiS Fahrdienste, Isarfunk Taxizentrale and Caritas to learn more about their daily work as well as challenges they are facing and want to improve.
Our series of interviews was concluded with observations in field, to gain an even better understanding of not only the service providers views’ but also the experience of the people on the receiving end.
Using these widespread sources of information, we are looking forward to isolate occurring challenges and to provide ideas for possible solutions.

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