Group 07, User Research, WS1516

Rail replacement service(SEV) in Munich is an important issue – that is what our team noticed while we were brainstorming about transport services and their contact with customers. So we decided to interview several experts of this sector in order to get information about the inner processes that happens case of a failure of rail traffic.

We got the opportunity to speak to two employees of the MVG as well as one DB employee who are involved in the process of rail replacement service and one taxi driver responsible for the SEV.

We learned how many people are involved in the process and that at all times they try their best to avoid inconvenience of customers.

With the interviews giving us an interesting look behind the scenes, we also wanted to explore the thoughts and expiriences of SEV-users by asking people at frequently used stations in Munich.

Typical negative comments were about the busses being late, bad organization or simply not enough transport vehicles.

Support by the operating staff was generally reviewed as positive. Furthermore we put ourselves in the position of people affected by cancelled trains at several train stations and tried to find the locations where replacement busses would operate in such a case.

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