User Research

Group 02, User Research, WS1516
“If we were in a science fiction film, we’d use teleports or drones to send the products to our customers.”

Sounds brilliant – doesn’t it?

We, team 2, like to open our first blog post with this quote from one of our interviews.

This reflects the fundamental set of problems we discovered during our research at the Munich delivery services Alkoport, Avanti and Staro Pizza. The most critical aspect undoubtably is time! It is essential that pizza is delivered warm and valuable. The customer is king – no he’s emperor!

Our picture compilation points that out impressively: There are a lot of different ways to deliver food but they all pursue the optimization of logistics. All companies have realized that time is changing. Nowadays the use of mobile devices is standard. New opportunities are arising for the ordering customer and for the provider’s distribution service. That’s great. Isn’t it?

It is a win-win situation! What more do you want? Drones?
We are looking forward to the development of our prototype to initiate a system that provides this process support.

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