User Research

Group 08, User Research, WS1516


The goal of our User Research is to gather information about all participants associated with parcel deliveries via drones.

Therefore, we interviewed logistical and technological experts. On technical side, we spoke to the CEOs of DroneIT who record professional indoor and outdoor media productions shot by using drones. We also had the opportunity to talk to technicians from Conrad Electronics who provided us with detailed and fundamental information on technical aspects of drones.

On logistical side, we interviewed a postman who gave us an insight about mail and package deliveries.

By talking to a self-taught freelancer we gathered legal aspects of drone flights. Furthermore, we observed several aspects of parcel deliveries such as package stations, UPS-Access-Points and delivery vans.

To summarize, we obtained several insights and widespread knowledge about multifunctional quadrocopters and their uses in parcel deliveries. This settles a good starting point for developing our concept.

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