Concept, Group 08, WS1516


After a week of hard work, we finally came up with an idea to change the world’s view on drones.
First we analysed the insights given by our user research. The problems the drone industry is facing, like the negative image and the technical limitations, were extracted from those insights.
We decided to improve the bad public image of drones caused by news on bombarding and spionage. To overcome that issue several idea generation techniques (such as brainwriting, brainstorming, 8-3-5-Method and analogies) were applied.
This whole process led us to the following solution: to enforce the use of drones in public interest areas such as medical material transportation and package delivery. Also, we decided that renaming drones into more attractive terms, like “Kolibri”, would raise the public acceptance.
The next step in our project is the recording of a video prototype showing the use of drones in organ transportation for emergency transplants.

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