final storyboard

Concept, Group 03, WS1516

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The user research lead us to the final question of how we might use information on a destination to recommend the best transportation service. Our service utilizes real time detection of traffic flow and free parking spaces provided by shared data of moving vehicles scanning the urban area. This information is transferred to our database and combined with the information given by the user. Preferences on costs and time limits, as well as specific needs relating to carried luggage or personal constraints let us compute an optimal route and possibly a combination of car sharing and other individual transportation services (taxis etc.). The required infrastructure (e.g. parking spaces) can be reserved and the sequential deployment of different services is organized through the app. An exemplary user story would be a user with luggage traveling to a city center by using a car sharing service to an area with available parking space. The user then switches to a taxi service to accomplish the last part of the trip where parking would be impossible. The journey will be cost efficient, no time will be wasted by a lack of parking possibilities and the user’s specific needs will be addressed.

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