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Storyboard & Concept: Rail Replacement Service

Concept, Group 07, WS1516

During our research analysis we discovered the potential to improve the flow of relevant information regarding Rail Replacement or Emergency Bus Services.

As we found out that the arrangement of Emergency Bus Services through the public service providers MVG or DB is reliant on various stakeholders and always takes an inevitable amount of time, we decided to zero in on the stranded customers. Most importantly we identified the immediate need for reorientation towards an alternative route in order to arrive at one’s destination on time.

Our final concept adresses exactly this particular issue. Taking advantage of the omnipresence of smartphones and mobile internet access, we developed a service idea which aims at bringing stranded people with the same travelling direction together through an app, enabling them to find better or less costly options to reach their destinations. For instance while a taxi can seem too expensive to take by oneself, sharing the expenses with two other commuters might just be worth it.

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