Concept, Group 09, WS1516

In the course of interviewing and active user research we came across many issues in the delivery process of the companies. During the brainstorming phase we sorted information about the problems and summarized. We came to the conclusion that sudden shortage of drivers during peak demand or accidents in the delivery process are a frequent problem in the business. Our concept solves this issue by offering delivery companies the ability to rent external drivers for short periods. This prevents long delivery times for the customer caused by events like football games or absence of a driver.


Our final sketches for the video concept describe the workflow of a pizza driver using our software solution. After a car break down the driver calls his boss who is furious about the  unforseen incident. First overstrained he discovers our app which he can use to immedietly rent an extra driver.  The new driver sees the message on his phone, drives to the accident and  prevents personal shortage so the pizzas can be delivered on time.

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