Storyboard & Concept

Concept, Group 01, WS1516

Our team did extensive research on transportation providers in a social setting. After careful analysis of the data acquired, we came to the conclusion, that all services share one common problem: How to properly acquire, organize and use data that is needed for everyday business.


Our storyboard focuses on the dangers that might arise from paper-based organisation of important information, where important facts might get lost in transit. While in real life not every incident of information lost in transit does not have to prove to be fatal, it still could be – this is reason we also portray it accordingly.

Subsequently, we will turn back the time – in a literal and a figurative sense: We go back in time and explore the world with a proper data-management-system, here dubbed “WeCare”, that does not only unclutter the administrative agent’s desk but also saves the protagonist’s wife from becoming a widow – all with the power of a Customer Relationship Management-system, that offers not only a complete overview for the scheduler in the office but also mobile apps for the driving staff and the customers involved.

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