Videoprototype: Stranded-App

Group 07, Videoprototype, WS1516

Initially, we tried to identify potential access points to improve rail replacement services in Munich. User research indicated that rail replacement worked well enough in cases when it was planned beforehand, but not so much in unprepared situations.

While the public transportation systems suggest alternative routes if a problem arises in downtown Munich, passengers in the suburbs often do not have alternatives other than to wait for an indefinite time. Closing in on the user group of people who are stranded at a train station without any clear option to continue their trip, our group developed the concept of an app to enable group travelling.

The app registers the current location and the destination of each passenger. It then groups people together according to this information, striving to cluster destinations in the same proximity. After organizing a meeting spot, its further features allow the group to collectively organize private transportation.

The app offers different variables to be influenced by users:

  • Destination
  • Group size
  • How close potential group members should be located (in meters or kilometers)
  • How close group members’ destination should be located
  • Which mode of transportation should be used (e.g. taxi, different car sharing companies,..)

The next step would be to integrate the different service providers in the process to enable quick transportation and address the question of financing the trip via the public transportation ticket.

The benefit of this app is the cooperation of different transportation services to enable efficient travelling, not only in cases of emergency, but also in any other case when there are more travelers than means of public transportation.

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