Group 04, Videoprototype, WS1516

Florian with his building glasses

team4_filmingAfter extensively reasearching car-sharing and car-rental services, we discovered one common issue that really stood out. After renting the car it always had to be manually checked up for any damages by an employee, possible damages have to be documented by hand and the whole process is very time consuming. Therefore our group came to the conlusion that the best way to solve this issue is to automate the whole damage detection process.

moving bmwEventually the idea of a 3D scanner that is placed at the stations of the car rental services seemed the most plausible one. Before and after renting the car, it gets scanned and any damages can be instantly detected and documented. Obviously the providers would not only save a lot of time due to the automatization but they would have more reliable documentation and actual proof in case of damages actually being caused by a customer. But it would also benefit the customers as they can’t be wrongly blamed for causing damage anymore.

Our next steps would be to build the scanners, which is possible with today’s technology and install them at the most frequented car rental stations so the expenses for the scanner pay off, and test out the whole system. After that it could be expanded to maybe transportable scanners so the cars can also be scanned when not at the station which would be highly beneficial for car-sharing services.

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