Videoprototype: Balloon Box

Group 05, Videoprototype, WS1516

One of the most urgent issues we encountered during our research-phase was by far the unsave transportation of groceries. It is a very common problem that food inside thermo boxes is leaking during the transportation. This may happen out of various reasons, like bumpy roads for example. Also, food is often not appropriately packed up by the restaurants, this goes especially for soups. Since most of the drivers employed by these delivery companies are using bikes, the problem unfortunatly appears at a very high rate. This is why we focused on the question of ‘how might we improve food transportation’.

We had a wide and rather creative range of ideas to solve this problem. It was important that it is not only efficent, but also realizable for companies to use. So we came up with a particularly save and easy solution to fix this problem. We used air cushions on the inside of the boxes. With a switch on the outside of the thermo box, it is possible to inflate the air cushions. This way it is not possible that food flips and leaks inside our box. Moreover it is a very cost efficent solution and even a common thermo box be uprgraded with our prototype.
Using this inflatible air thermo boxes not only improves the looks and condition of food delivered, it also pleases the companys and customers, since it decreases the number of rejected delivers. In the end, this investment would be a long term solution which provides a more satisfying customer experience.

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