User Research

Group 01, User Research, WS1617

Interview partners from many different areas provided a large insight into a lot of interesting fields of digital medicine. They did not hesitate to give us information about their daily work and their opinion about the digital revolution within medicine.

Nowadays, technology is omnipresent, even the area of geriatric care is about to witness digital revolution. They have sensors integrated in the floor to detect specific movements of residents and to notify staff. Yet they are lacking of digital solutions concerning documentation but it is only a matter of time until this part of work will be improved by digitalization.

Documentation is a big deal for software and hardware developers, too . They set a high value on it in order to accelerate troubleshooting.

Long ago digitalization even overtook the world of sports. We had the opportunity to talk to an employee of E-Gym. E-Gym developed from a little start-up to a successful company producing digital fitness equipment. In order to improve workout results, personal information of their users is gathered and is provided within a well-arranged user interface. In this area, extensive and continuous User Research is the key to success.

At this point we want to say thank you to our kind interview partners for providing us with useful information and their time.

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