Group 04, User Research, WS1617

The basis of our user research is a diverse but general insight into health service as a complex construct. Our interview partners range from paramedics, assistants, medic students to patients and experienced doctors. Every one has his own specific tasks in health services.

On 27 March we interviewed Fabian Fuhrig a paramedic who works at the fire station 3 in Munich. We asked him about his job routine and about his technical equipment which helps him organize and execute his work. The rest of our interviews contained medical staff which labor in a practice or hospital and therefore provided a more stationary view on their daily routines. Our research with a patient has yielded interesting insights into the needs and preconceptions of the people who should benefit the most of these health services.

Our team distinguished strong communication between all roles and evaluation of patient data as most important elements in health service. In particular the questioning of patients and documentation of their responses are fundamental for health services. A variety of software and hardware tools support are deployed to assist this part of their work.

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