User Research: E-Health Services

Group 06, User Research, WS1617

This years topic is E-health services, ideas on smart diagnostics and increased patient awareness.  So we did a lot of brainstorming, and decided to narrow down our user group to hospitals and emergency medical services. We contacted many people and got some promising interview partners from different medical areas, including a trauma surgeon, a paramedic, two graduating students and an assisting doctor.

Overall the interviews were very interesting, and we gathered a lot of insights about the daily and stressful routines in hospitals and potential problem areas. For example, the documentation and communication systems seem to be very outdated.

Every interview partner has been helpful in describing specific and general needs in their profession. Everyone was very open minded towards technical progress in the near future. To sum up the willingness for change is definitely there. So now we are very motivated and curious to develop concepts to fulfill these needs. We are looking forward to the next phase in the seminar, where we are going to analyze and evaluate our gathered data.

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