User Research: E-Health Solutions

Group 05, User Research, WS1617

In today’s increasingly digital world many of our medical and healthcare services yet rely on conventional means to diagnose and treat our ailments. Why is it, when we are capable of triviliazing most of our daily struggles by the use of the internet and smartphone apps, that our diagnostic tools and data collection for health purposes lag so far behind?

Put simply, there are no simple solutions. E-Health services, despite making great strides in recent years, are still in their infancy. New ideas are often slow to replace the tried and true; with little reason to replace otherwise reliable systems when failure could cause, in the worst case, grievous bodily harm.

Thus we are faced with a highly delicate problem which in itself not only requires to be solved, but solutions must also undergo exacting measures to satisfy the necessary reliability and ease-of-use. To this end we have interviewed several individuals of relevant demographics, ranging from professions such as nurses to sports scientists and even to healthcare management.
With the information derived from their years of experience, we hope to concept a feasible solution that may be successfully incorporated into the daily workflow of various professionals in order to let them take advantage of the many benefits that modern E-Health services can provide.

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