User Research E-Health

Group 02, User Research, WS1617



The goal of our user research was to gather as much information as possible about tasks and sequences of our interviewees. We scheduled 5 interviews with people working in several fields of medical service and came up with a catalogue of questions.

Discussing e-health with an emergency assistant the most important thing is time. If any e-health-product helps to save time and get more information about the patient it is worth to establish.

One of the more important issues that should be addressed with E-Health Products is the improvement of data exchange between medical practices. With data security in mind, it should help the doctor as well as the patient to create a more straightforward experience.

Another aspect comes up when interviewing a nurse. Especially organising is a very time-consuming task as they use mostly analog methods and no central system to collect and store different data. Thus simplifying this daily workflow by using e-health-products may make it easier and more comfortable for patients as well as employees, who can then concentrate on more important tasks of nursing.

Talking to a professor and doctor at the LMU Clinic in Munich reveals great concerns regarding data protection. One of the most severe concerns being insurance companies advertising programs to decrease costs for patients allowing and therefore increase costs for patients denying access to their medical health data. People that suffer from chronicle illnesses their life long, would be classified critical from the beginning of their life and made paying more a life long.

An interview with a medical student reveals that paper-based documents from patients should be digitized so that they can be found fast and efficiently.



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