How might we motivate people to do more sports?

Concept, Group 01, WS1617

After doing quite a lot of user research, ideation and brainstorming, we came up with the idea of an interactive pillar. Our main point is to make outdoor sports activities more attractive by linking it to the users social network. An integrated graphical user interface allows the user to create sports events.

Most people are more likely to do sports in groups rather than on their own. Keeping this in mind, imagine a guy playing alone on a big basketball court. By setting up pillars on sports grounds users are able to invite their friends to come and play together. Friends are notified via a mobile application installed on their smartphones and now have the opportunity to accept or reject the invitation. Their decision is synchronized automatically on the pillar and furthermore shows, based on ones GPS coordinates, the estimated time of arrival of each friend. Once every friend has arrived the game begins. As an additional feature, our pillar shows live scores by making use of sensors integrated in baskets, goals etc.

All in all, the pillar can be described as a social gathering point for people who like to do sports in groups. It encourages people to go outside, do more physical activities and therefore contributes to a more healthy lifestyle.

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