Story Board

Concept, Group 02, WS1617



Based on the problems we discovered in our user research the most important task of improving e-health services is creating a more straightforward and easy to use communication experience between doctor and patient. In a first step we used the divergent and convergent thinking method morphological analysis to generate as many ideas as possible. Then we decided on the most promising solution: “Tray”. “Tray” is a software enhanced medication tray. It reminds the patient to take his medication in a regular and timely manner. In fact the tray can be extended by a wearable device so the patient can be notified even when he is not near the “Tray”. Furthermore the doctor can adjust the medication plan and submit it to his patient’s “Tray”. Compared to a regular medication tray the patient does not have to memorize which medication to take and the “Tray” improves the communication between doctor and patient.
Medication can be adjusted according to the course of disease more closely.

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