Smart emergency notifications for nurses

Concept, Group 10, WS1617


During our user research we came across many issues which had a potential for improvement. We sorted out the information and summarized it. Finally, our group came to the conclusion to improve the working process of nurses. Our solution is a new and innovative watch, which every nurse wears around his/her wrist. Let’s pretend we have the following scenario: a patient is in urgent need and pushes the emergency button. Once the emergency button is pressed, a notification is being sent to all the nurse smart watches that a certain patient has pushed the emergency button.

Moreover, the watch screen will show all the important vital parameters of the patient. Furthermore, it will enable a nurse to „accept“ the patient und notify the rest of the nurses that the patient is already being taken care of.

Summing up, our innovation is not only a benefit for nurses but also for patients. It gives them a bigger certainty regarding their treatment and for nurses to coordinate better and avoid wasting time.

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