Group 09, Videoprototype, WS1617
The problem that emerged from our user research phase was the insufficient and non-intensified communication between physician and patient. In addition, patients often forget the conversational content, technical terms are not understood and patients would like to learn more about the background.
MediFact is an online information portal that contains professional articles, videos, interactive images and a FAQ.
At the reception of the doctor’s office, the patient is assigned a number, which allows individual and personalized access to the portal. The affected person is informed with a quota of information about the exact illness. MediFact is offered on tablets in the waiting room of the doctor’s office and can also be used from home. In addition, the often unused time in the waiting room can be bridged. Forgotten content can thus be read and refreshed again. For this purpose, there is a section on the portal that contains a log of the last doctor’s visits.
An advantage of our concept is that the patient is not self-diagnosed by means of the Internet. There is always a connection to the treating physician who also selects the available content. Unnecessary visits to the doctor, caused by insufficiently informed patients, can thus be prevented, which leads to a time saving for both patient and doctor’s offices.
The next step towards the realization of the project, would be to consult different medical practices to win their support for our project. Parallel to this, the web applications would have to be implemented and the systems integrated into the doctor’s office.

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