Concept, Group 02, Videoprototype, WS1617


One of the most challenging aspects we discovered in our research phase is the enhancement of communication between patients and doctors. This concerns especially those patients who have trouble with taking their medication regularly and have to visit their doctor very often.
We used different ideation tools to generate as many ideas as possible to simplify this process.
After convergent thinking we decided to develop Tray.
Tray is a software-enhanced medication tray and is supported by a wearable device to improve the user-experience.
With a voice-controllable touch interface Tray helps patients to take their medication in time. The wearable device notifies the user by vibration if any interaction with Tray is necessary.
It can capture and store all relevant information – medication plan, data about the medicine, vital parameters – and send it to the patient’s doctor.
He can analyse the patient’s state of health and adjust the medication plan with a desktop application. This way, the patient can contact the doctor frequently without having to visit his office as often as before.
This gives the doctor the benefit of saving time for more urgent treatments.
To evaluate our concept, the next steps could be to test your prototype in a user research with our target groups: elderly patients and doctors.
Feedback concerning product concept, features, interface and usability may then be the foundation for another iteration in our product design process.

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