CareWear: A Wearable for Enhancing Coordination of Caregivers

Group 10, Videoprototype, WS1617

After sorting out and summarizing our information, we focused on improving the coordination between nurses, as we discovered a lack of it. Our finished result is the creation of a new and innovative wearable, which every nurse wears around his/her wrist. The simulated device is pretty simple and yet still extraordinary. In the next step, we will demonstrate how our gadget works.

To begin with, let’s pretend we have the following story line: a patient is in urgent need i.e. has a stroke, is about to faint or is in some other critical situation. Therefore, the patient pushes the emergency button. Once the emergency button is pressed, a notification is being sent to all the wearables of the nurses. On those wearables it is shown that a certain patient has pushed the emergency button. Moreover, the screen will show all the important vital parameters of the user. Furthermore, it will enable a nurse to push the “accept” button and notify the rest of the nurses that the patient is already being taken care of.

We see a lot of benefits for our device. For instance, the improvement of coordinating nurses, as we discovered that there is a lack of organization between them. In addition, the wearable is suitable to wear as well as easy to deal with. Furthermore, it gives patients a higher certainty regarding their treatment. They are being notified that their emergency call has been accepted and keeps them more calm.

Focusing on our next steps, our team should consider an evaluation of the necessity regarding patients as we weren’t able to interview them.

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