Videoprototype – Docno

Group 08, Videoprototype, WS1617

During the first phase of the iterative Design Thinking process we went out and interviewed doctors from different fields of expertise. We came to understand that doctors were overwhelmed by the paper work they had to deal with after they treated their patients. Solutions that were offered were not efficient enough, such as a headset, that not only distracted the doctor but also the patient. We also observed the routine in a hospital and saw that nurses were going around with rolling containers with a laptop on top in which they were typing in all of the patient’s vital signs and other necessary information.  But patients were not feeling comfortable with being in the room with them while the nurses were only focused on the screen of their laptop.

We therefore realized that we wanted to come up with a solution which provided communication which feels personal and comfortable for the patient but at the same time helps the doctors with the paperwork.

Our final product “Docno” is a device that listens to key words, which are said during the physician-patient consultation by the physician. So for instance, when the name of the patient is mentioned, the device goes through the existing patient files or creates a new file for a new patient. It then puts in the necessary information triggered by the key words which are said during the consultation, such as diagnosis, medication and the next steps. It will also send out push notifications to the doctor’s assistant, if a particular key word is connected to action which has to be performed by the assistant.

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