Videoprototype – SuperSic

Group 07, Videoprototype, WS1617

The Interviews we held at the start of our workshop yielded a vast amount of information concerning the medical sector. All of this data had to be sorted and rearranged in a logical order through the means of an affinity diagram. This resulted in the following „how might we“ – question: „How might we optimize the waiting time in a waiting room?“ Through the process of ideation and concept development we came up with an app called „SuperSic“ which provides both doctors and patients the benefit of optimizing their time management.

It allows users to do an online check-in where they can choose the most suitable option for the date and time of their doctor‘s visit. Users also have the ability to choose from a range of symptoms to describe their status to inform the doctor beforehand which helps to schedule the length of the appointment more realistically. To ensure a smooth appointment, the user has to set a reminder at least five minutes prior to the appointment. If, for whatever reason, the user has to wait in the waiting room, “SuperSic” can be used to educate the user through a range of rich information material concerning relevant topics for the user.

The most obvious benefit for the user is that he is given a handy and comfortable way to make an appointment while at the same time doesn’t have to waste time waiting.

The next step would be to get in touch with several doctor‘s offices to evaluate potential partners for our app.

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