Group 03, User Research, WS1718

Realschule_Poing (19)During the next two weeks we will develop a concept for teaching languages that utilizes E-Learning. The basis of our research is a diverse but general insight into Bavarian Schools, their Classes and their Teachers, how much or little and which digital media they use. Our interview Partners are Teachers that work in different educational Stages.
From March 12.-14. we interviewed four Teachers from the “Dominik-Brunner-Realschule”, one from the “Gymnasium Olching”, one from the “Berufsschule für Medienberufe” and a private Teacher. We asked them about digital media they use in their teaching routine, about the positives and negatives and what they would like to see improved. Everyone we talked to was very forthcoming and shared their point of view gladly.
In summary the interviews and the observation were very interesting and bountiful, and we are looking forward to developing a helpful concept to improve an aspect of teaching.

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