Group 04, User Research, WS1718


In today’s increasingly technological world the age at wich children get in contact with digital devices is diminishing constantly. About two thirds of the ten- to eleven-year-olds own a smartphone and hardly any parent can keep its child from getting in contact with some form of digital technology. Wondering to what degree technology has found its way into the early stages of education,we decided to take a look at elementary schools.

In interviews with teachers and principals, we try to explore the difficulties they face, advantages and disadvantages, as well as possibilities in this area. Ultimately we hope to find a way to improve the current situation for students and teachers. So far the interviews have shown that most elementary schools have at least a computer in every room and a few smartboards – budget still seems to be a major issue here as well as usability in some cases. Learning-software is primarily used for basic training in maths or e.g. interactive picture books for reading, and is received well by most students and teachers.

Up to now, our user-research was very interesting, we gained good insight into the current state of technology in elementary schools and are excited to see to what results we will get eventually.

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