User Research

Group 08, User Research, WS1718

The topic of this year is teaching environment in general. We decided to visit a bilingual private school in Munich to get a good insight on how the teachers of this school are handling their daily challenges and how digital media already affects their work.

Therefore, on March 13th in the morning we went there to interview four of the teachers. They were able to answer all of our questions and help us to understand how digital media could be used to support teaching in elementary schools. We were able get an impression of how they’re currently using modern technology and how they used it in the past.

In addition to that we also had the opportunity to do an interview in a regular german primary school. This can give us some good hints about the differences between pure german public schools and private bilingual ones in general.

Now we are highly motivated to analyze our collected data carefully. We will use it in our further process of developing a concept that could help the teachers and the children in their education and teaching process.


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