User Research

Group 05, User Research, WS1718


The field of e-learning and digital support systems for teachers in schools or other educational institutions is incredibly extensive. In addition, the majority of schools are only just beginning to bring technology into their classrooms, thus offering many opportunities for interaction designers to enrich the experience for students.

In order to approach this topic without bias we tried to cover as many different schools from various areas as possible in our user research. We conducted interviews with two Highschool teachers, one teacher from a Montessori school and two preschool teachers.

Interestingly, the preschool is divided into two different sections. While the classrooms of one section were rather traditional and offered little technology, the other section was equipped with multiple digital support systems. This setup offered a divers look into the daily routine of the teachers that work there. Furthermore, the school faces additional challenges with the majorityof the students being migrants.

To summarise, we obtained helpful insights that offer multiple points of contact for further development of our concept.

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