Group 06, User Research, WS1718


Over the course of the last three days we visited three quite different schools from which we hoped generate a good variety of knowledge for our further research.
The Pestalozzi Gymnasium in Munich for instance has a great focus on musical education whereas the Anne-Frank-Gymnasium in Erding was known to us as a very technologically equipped school with a very forward thinking policy regarding e-learning and the use of technology in the classroom.

After the interviews we conducted we must firstly acknowledge the importance of sticking to the right order of steps in the process of user experience design.
The knowledge we gathered from these first-hand experiences greatly impacted our stance on the topic of e-learning moving forward.

One recurring issue that really stuck out was that teachers have a clear desire to use digital media to automatize some of the very redundant parts of teaching. Some teachers have already incorporated the use of certain apps or online platforms.
On the other side a thing that really stuck out was the complaint that the apps and/or platforms offer little room for individual feedback for the students. More often than not they seem to resemble some sort of standardized testing or exercise.

Moving forward we will think about this apparent conflict automatization vs individualization and other topics that came up during the interviews and see what we can build from this data.

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