User Research: Digital Media at Primary Schools

Group 09, User Research, WS1718

On Tuesday, 13 March we visited the primary school Dorfen-Nord. We were able to interview three teachers and observe one English and two Math lessons, gaining insights into their use of Smartboards and (analogue) educational games.
Through interviews, but also observations and a comprehensive tour around the school, we could experience how analogue and digital games and media is being used at school.

On Wednesday, 14 March we were able to visit another two primary schools.
At Winthirplatz, we were allowed to attend two German lessons about Easter bunnies, in which both Smartboards and the document camera came to use. Afterwards, the teacher answered our questions about everyday life at school, educational games and their points of view about digital media and their use in grades 1 up to 4.
At Garching-Ost, another teacher demonstrated during a German lesson how she teaches cue words via interactive slides on the Active Board (which is another form of Smartboards). Her fourth-graders coped well with using the Active Board, seemingly motivated by using it. Subsequently, two teachers explained to us how they use digital media during their lessons.

In summary, we were surprised to see how extensively digital media (such as the Smartboard) is being used in teachers’ everyday life, even at primary schools. We were able to observe that the use of Smartboards has a great impact on both the interaction between teachers and their students and the motivation of the latter.