User Research: E-Learning Special Education

Group 10, User Research, WS1718

Montessori_13_03_2018Education for children with special needs is a field where digitalization is mostly left behind, because it is not in the primary focus of development. Nevertheless it is important that these children learn with digital tools and how to use them properly. For this reason we set our goal to find ways to improve the learning experience for children with special needs through the use of modern technologies.

To maximize the variety of our data, we contacted different facilites including schools for special education as well as inclusive institutions. The interviews with the teachers and professor were very informative, and helped us to get a better understanding of the topic. As we expected there’s still a lot to do in terms of digitalization. There was a huge difference in the skillset and the motivation between teachers, many schools were also lacking digital equipment.

The main challenges certainly will be to develop software fitting the cognitive and motor skills of every individual child.

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