User Research – E-learning

Group 02, User Research, WS1718

UserResearch_E-Learning_viazenettiWe went to two modern schools that already use e-lerning techniques to have some interviews with teachers to get to know about how it works. We visited the “Gymnasium Ottobrunn” that has some computer classes and iPads for the students and the “Realschule Gauting” with iPad classes. What we learned from there is that the usability isn’t good enough right now and that teaching media-based e-learning lessons means a lot of more time for preperation than normal analog lessons and that means that most of the teachers still have analog lessons.
Beside the user-view we wanted to get to know about the developers-view, so we had an interview with a developer of the “Viazenetti GmbH” with the main knowledge that E-learning platforms aren’t didactic enough and that they had to be expanded. Furthermore independently e-learning doesn’t make sence in every area because right now in some cases interaction with people is still important to completely understand some things.

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