Group 07, User Research, WS1718


With the rapidly increasing digitization of everyday life, it was clear that at some point, it would massively affect the whole educational system. New courses had to be created to enhance the media competence of students and ultimately help them filter the sheer endless amounts of available information online for the most relevant parts.

Beyond that the structure of teaching itself is the subject of a continuous and significant change. Across all age groups and different types of educational systems and institutions, digital devices and techniques become a tool of growing importance. With them they bring a new set of possibilities as well as problems

For this reason we chose to take a holistic approach and interviewed six teachers from three different types of schools (Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium). We did not only look at the up- and downsides of digitization during class, but also investigated advantages and disadvantages during class preparation. On the one hand we gained valuable insights in the numerous new problems and evolving challenges teachers are facing everyday in the classrooms, on the other hand we discovered that teaching and preparation can be facilitated and improved by the many advantages digital tools can bring along. A lot has already been done and there are many good approaches on how to integrate new technologies into class, but there are also a lot of missed possibilities and untreated issues.

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