Concept, Group 09, WS1718

The idea of the SmartDesk based on two insights. Firstly primary school teachers are only able to help one pupil simultaneously during individual practice, secondly pupils need something tangible for learning.

At the one hand first grader Toni needs some help to write the letter “A” correctly. At the other hand there are plenty other pupils needing support too. The solution to this issue is our new invention called SmartDesk. It’s a digital helper which combines traditional handwriting skills with modern technology. It improves the orthography of each individual child. The SmartDesk is placed under a sheet of paper and either displays the outline of a word or letter or marks mistakes. Furthermore it includes a reward system, so that every pupil receive a star for each correctly written word. This gamification enhances the motivation significantly.

Another important feature of SmartDesk is the live feed, which monitores the handwriting of each pupil. The benefit of it is, that every child can be supported individually by his teacher if needed.

By using SmartDeks,  the class successfully learned the letters of the alphabet.storyboard

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