Storyboard – Teaching Wiki

Concept, Group 02, WS1718

One of our insights gathered from the user research we conducted last week was the lack of confidence and knowledge teachers have when it comes to electronic devices in classrooms. A great example for the current situation is that smartboards are seldomely or not used at all. Instead of using them to their full potential most teachers only use them as more expensive beamers if anything. There is still a huge percentage of teachers and people in general that have difficulties in performing basic technological tasks like connecting mobile devices to wifi networks or finding the right plug to connect their notebooks to the stationary beamer.

Because of this problem the majority of classes held to this day use analog equipment only. Now it would certainly not be a wise move to force teachers into using electronic equipment in every of their classes and lectures. In a lot of subjects it is mandatory for students to interact with one another and not their computers.

Instead of traditional on-the-job trainings to increase technological affinity which will likely be performed only once a year we propose a different approach. On the centralized platform “Teaching Wiki” teachers can inform themselves about how certain topics can be presented to their classes in the most instructional matter. This will include recommendations about suitable equipment choices and didactical usage which comes in the form of articles, blog posts or even video tutorials.2 abgabe.png

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