EVA – the smart solution for the excessive supply of teaching materials

Group 03, Videoprototype, WS1718

EVA is a programming environment for every teacher, who is unable to find the right teaching materials for his or her lessons in the huge amount of materials available. The main goals are to let students write good tools for efficient learning, using the programmed tools for education, and to give the students an understanding of basic programming.

EVA is intuitive: First you select your target group, then your subject. With plugins from the ministry of education the correctness of the provided contents is guaranteed. Particular emphasis was given to intuitive usability allowing for easy access to the tool regardless of the user’s skill. The user can choose between a fully fledged IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for advanced users and sandbox mode in which younger and inexperienced pupils can arrange predefined blocks of code via drag and drop.

EVA has many benefits: The teacher is freed from the extensive research for teaching material and at the same time his classes’ content is guaranteed to comply with the guidelines from the ministry of education. Also, the classes will be more fascinating by interdisciplinary educational methods. That leads to more motivated students who can also actively take part in the arrangement of class. And of course the students learn how to program in a very early state.

For making EVA ready for the market there must be taken a few steps: First, the idea has to be refined. Then, there should be feasibility studies. After this, if there is a need for EVA, we can start a collaboration with different schools and the ministry of education, to bring EVA into schools.

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