Group 06, Videoprototype, WS1718

When asking teachers about the possibilities of e-learning some very distinct patterns appear in most of their answers: Yes, e-learning can generate great benefits! No, e-learning isn’t used to its full potential in the classroom right now. Subpar usage of e-learning methods will either create too big of a distraction for students or will not add any value compared to traditional lessons at all.

Our solution of an interactive cross-platform real time-updating lecture notes app aims to take this knowledge we gathered during our research and turn it into an intuitive, easy-to-use app that benefits both teachers and students at the same time by essentially cutting out all the unnecessary time consuming processes of traditional non-digital teaching and enhancing the less than ideal interactive part of current in-class e-learning methods.

It offers teachers a way to assemble their lecture notes from all sorts of different sources into one central place from where they synced with student devices. These digital lecture notes can be edited on the fly to add explanatory videos, GIFs, images, links and notes, essentially creating a script that the teacher can edit and adjust whenever and wherever and immediately show these changes on the whiteboard projection.
Our app offers vivid interaction for students as well allowing them to pose questions anonymously, give feedback, take notes and have a discussion about what’s thought both inside and outside of the classroom.
It further allows teachers to create interactive quizzes spontaneously to enhance class participation and engagement.
Additionally our app shows several statistics on quizzes and student participation in order to give teachers an insight as to what they can improve about their own lessons.

Through technology we aim to better the interaction between teachers and their students. We believe that through our solution we can strip traditional lessons of their weary one-sidedness and engage students while still maintaining the very important human aspect of learning that gets lost with over-digitalization.

Our future plans include building a working prototype and pitching to publishing companies in order to collaborate with them as well as to get the official support of the ministry of education at state level. We would then field test out methods in a classroom and ultimately strive for world domination.

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