Group 08, Videoprototype, WS1718

Our final concept we developed is an augmented reality platform for music lessons in primary schools. It allows students to try a huge amount of instruments, without the need of the school to have them physically in the classroom. This enables the opportunity for students to try instruments even though the school never bought it.

All you need are augmented reality glasses, that fit on children’s heads and gloves for haptic feedback that are specially designed for that purpose. Wearing these glasses and gloves gives the ability to select an instrument and try it out. Every individual user can hear his instrument, or all instruments around him through bone conduction from the glasses.
The gloves offer a high precision feedback to enable a real feeling of the selected instrument.

On the one hand there are the mentioned benefits of reduced costs, because one device can replace every instrument you can imagine, on the other hand the students can learn instruments in the same room with their classmates without disturbing them. If needed they can play together and form bands. This can be great fun and make music lessons more diversified.

Our next step would be to go to schools and evaluate what can be improved and if teachers are even interested in such product. When they are, we would concretize some core features based on that evaluation, build a prototype with higher fidelity and certainly take a look at the state of the art and at how we could realize such a visionary concept.

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