Videoprototype – Robo Benjamin

Group 04, Videoprototype, WS1718

“Should we acquaint our children with the digital world as early as possible or should we prevent them from accessing the digital world as long as we can in order to protect them from the danger they may encounter in the digital world?” This is the dilemma the teachers and parents have been facing in recent years. Our Robot Benjamin aims at tackling this problem by providing guidance in fields such as the use of search engine or of social media.

Based on the idea of the paper clip from old Windows software, Benjamin helps primary school pupils find their way through the world of digitization by using sensors to detect and intervene on time when the pupils are on critical ground in the network or public software. Its physical form makes it impossible to simply “click it away” like an annoying pop-up; instead, it should meet with appreciation and friendship among children. It gives constructive criticism, warnings and applause when the pupils have consciously made the right decisions and should thus also bond with the pupils on an emotional level.

With the overwhelming amount of new technology in recent years, many teachers can’t handle to teach their lessons and learn the interaction/dangers with the new media at once. This is where Benjamin comes in to help. With the voice interaction of Benjamin, he seamlessly integrates into the lessons, and pupils can easily ask him questions about the technology as well as he gives the children warnings about dangers without the teachers looking over their shoulders all the time. With Benjamin, teachers can finally focus on teaching again.

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