Videoprototype: sCool Glasses

Group 07, Videoprototype, WS1718

Through our on-site observations and interviews in schools we got valuable insights about the needs regarding digitalization and how well digital media is currently integrated into school.
In the following phase of Ideation we used methods like the Affinity Diagram to sort our observations, recognize underlying problems and generate and refine solutions. Our most prevalent questions were:
„How might we…
…make lessons more captivating and interactive so students don’t seek distraction?“
…allow teachers to let students use digital tools without the danger of abuse?“
…enable teachers to test the use of digital media in lesson preparation?“

Another valuable insight we got from teachers was that they don’t want to completely replace traditional teaching and learning methods by digital ones – for example, writing by hand on paper is still one of the most effective ways of learning. Rather do they aim at striking a balance between both, so what if you could just augment the traditional way and build on it?

Our solution: sCool Glasses. AR glasses for school classes.

Not only can they replace older technologies, they also make education more interactive and engaging. Difficult concepts like complex geometrical shapes can be shown in 3D. Content can be displayed either for everyone or individually for each student. Clearly the possibilities for applications are nearly endless. And because the glasses are lightweight and portable, teachers can take them home for lesson preparation.

Since the functionality is always limited to what’s needed for the current lesson, there is no danger of distraction for students as there would be on their smartphones.

The implementation of our concept will have to wait for AR glasses to be available as a reliably functional, mass-market product. We will then need to discuss funding, integration into schools and provisioning of content resources with the school ministry. But if our vision becomes true, we’re sure it will make school a lot more engaging.

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